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Author Topic: Surrey Gems, another thread  (Read 1420 times)

I don't wish to re-hash this recent thread:


I'm thinking of going along there, as there are some girls I would like to meet. My question is this: Should I instead try and see them through HoD (if they are there) or other venues that they pop up in?

 The price for me is the same, and the girls are the same. Surrey Gems is more convenient for me than other venues, but part of me is reluctant to encourage an unfair business model to persist. Do any of the girls there operate truly independently too?

I'm too impatient, and have booked myself in for this afternoon. It sounded like the booking was taken by a maid/manager, who sounded pretty organised ("sorry, can't do that time, would you be able to make 30 minutes later?"), which is a promising start.

I'll report back afterwards, of course.

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