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Author Topic: Welsh girls in London?  (Read 1427 times)

Hi all,

 I have a thing for accents, and right now I'm looking for a girl with a Welsh one. I've seen foxy_roxanne on the purple site, but she isn't that fit. Does anyone know any girls with Welsh accents in the big city?

Offline Gluckman

Teen_Sophie I believe is,  though out call only last time I looked

yeah, I saw her and she looks good, but I need Incall facilities unfortunately...

Offline PuntingPete

Good luck with you search, you'll be hard pushed to find an escort with a Welsh accent here in Wales  :(

Offline punk

welsh girls are EASY no need to be wg's  :D

Online vt

Carmella at HoD is Welsh...I caught a glimpse once, masses of curls and a nice smile, 32 looks about right for her.


Thank you vt, that is appreciated!!!

Offline billlybob

well Sindy at Maxesangels has a nice welsh accent..porn star and good service if a bit scatty (in a nice way) and fabulous1 (or jessica at sugar babes) super hard toned body, 39 or 40ish but REALLY good service. pretty much all services that i can think of and really gets into the session. Both top end price though at 200/hr

I've had this one on my hotlist, haven't seen her so can't comment on service, but she's welsh apparently...


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