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Author Topic: Val Corderro  (Read 2731 times)

Offline nasleb15

Hello fellow punters. Have been thinking about making an appointment to see Val for some time now as I really have a thing for more mature ladies - am a lover of the Vintage Vamps and Secret Boudoir agencies whenever I visit London. Have come across Val a few times now (no pun intended) on my searches for similar escorts in Edinburgh. I have seen that she has a few negative reviews on this site so I'm wondering if anyone has ever had a positive experience? Also, she mentions her flat is near  the Marriott Hotel on Glasgow Road - can anyone give me more info (not looking for an address or anything but is it safe, clean etc. Ex local authority flat or private?) Any guesses at real age (the older the better for me)!

Offline carlisle78

Any link?

Not come across her.

The Marriot on Glasgow road is near Gogarburn Roundabout - and saying she is near there could mean pretty much anywhere in a few miles radius so without being more specific it could be a great location or a real dump.
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Offline Sir_Fukalot

I met her a few years ago when she was staging in Trinity. She put on a lap dance for me which I enjoyed but the sex was poor. She's very mechanical and before you start she'll give you a list of what you're not allowed to do ie not much at all! She's basically another covered oral and fuck hooker. Don't expect a gf experience.

Offline nasleb15

Thanks for the honest feedback, mate. Am gutted as she looked like exactly the sort of woman I am after. If you know of any other nice ladies aged 50 plus that are working in Edinburgh, please let me know. By the way, what was her place in Trinity like - was it a safe enough and nice enough place? (I'me very particular about incall visits - I want to be, and feel, totally relaxed and am always fearful that a boyfriend/pimp is lurking in the next room, or something!)

Offline jambogaz

If you can spare the time, Raunchy Robyn in Kirkcaldy is well pworth a visit. Proper gfe. Cracking cup of tea too
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