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Author Topic: Part-Time WGs.  (Read 7538 times)

Offline cunnyhunt

Thank you for your vote.

Just told I used an incorrect word, should of read 'Fluffy' not weak  :hi:

Offline Tailpipe

Just told I used an incorrect word, should of read 'Fluffy' not weak  :hi:

I think I got it without the clarification but thanks anyway. 

Online Jimmyredcab

But if it makes anyone more comfortable to believe that all WGs lie all the time, fine. NMP.

I would say that 90% of pro$$ies lie 90% of the time ------------ certainly not all of the time.  :hi:

Offline potato

I think there are quite a few doing the same as Lolitalove.  I see one girl that used to be on AW 2 years back but stopped when she got promoted at work and moved out of the area to another branch. She has moved back a bit closer and has time to kill of a weekend once a month when she comes down to visit friends / family.  A nice cosy arrangement that works well, same old rates and extreme generosity on time.  She hasn't been on AW since she moved and changed her mobile number but kept mine and 2 other regulars from her old days.  Once a month is not as good as the once a week or more it used to be but at least I can rely on her..

Offline Curious

Slightly off topic but I wish there were more women doing something like Lolitalove - lifestyle rather than job, low volume so not getting used up, and therefore likely to be a better experience from both sides point of view.
She wrote an interesting post, but I have to agree with Tailpipe's comment in response.
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Offline rpg

Just browsing and came across this thread so thought I'd register to post.

I am a (very) part time escort and I will explain what makes me (on my opinion) part time. Firstly, escorting is not my main income, I take about 3 bookings per month and am not advertised anywhere. What I have done is join AW, take a booking or two and close the account. I've done this about 4 times only because I've picked up regulars and that's also why I don't advertise anywhere. So I have around 5 regulars. I see one of them quite a lot and the other 4 I see once every month or two. 4/5 of them are not very local. I do incalls and only do them because of the very very low human traffic.
Basically I am part time because I've been doing this a year and only slept with not even two handfuls of men.

I don't really see myself as an escort as a job title, rather I see it as something I sometimes do. The men I see feel like friends now because they're regulars. It's very relaxed when they come and I look forward to seeing them. Doing this full time would not suit me, I'm not thick skinned or professional enough.

I'd agree with Tailpipe. Seems like everything in your world is OK just now. Not trying to be horrible but perhaps this isn't the place for you.

Offline rpg

Just told I used an incorrect word, should of read 'Fluffy' not weak  :hi:

What's fluffy about wishing someone well but advising them they are in the wrong place. Better to let a self proclaimed thin skinner post and get torn to shreds? Most people have made it plain that the site doesn't need more prossies like that.

Offline James999

I would say that 90% of pro$$ies lie 90% of the time ------------ certainly not all of the time.

True, it is difficult to lie when asleep  :sarcastic:

Offline Lolitalove

Don't worry guys I don't plan on becoming a "proper" member here. I'll just add my two cents when I think it may be of value to someone.

I have nothing against any girl who does this as a "full time" job bit it's not for me. I'd do it if I thought I could but I don't think I'd forgive myself and I'm far too sensitive in certain aspects to do it full time. This works absolutely perfect for me. I see the same men and take the money out the equation and it's basically just casual sex. I think I'd I done it more often I would become hardened up. I don't clock watch and really enjoy chatting with a brew afterwards, if I had clients lined up I wouldn't be able to let them stay longer etc. For me, working like this just feels very natural once the money is taken out of the equation.

Offline Kriss

I know of at least two on AW that seem to be 'seasonal' WGs, who pop up a couple of times a year. Neither is particularly attractive, but they are quite acceptable in the 'MILF' way of thinking. I don't know ...

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