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Author Topic: Escort agencies Edinburgh  (Read 6684 times)

Offline jsemore

Anyone used these apart from AW. All the girls look stunning but i just get the feeling its bulls**t.

If so what is one of the better ones?


Offline pilgrim

That group of agencys posted by thehun10 are a bit hit and miss.  Run by a wee fat pimp, they also have sites for the rest of the UK, Gatwick, Heathrow, Newcastle and Leeds.  I think Leeds and Newcastle are run by a brother after a falling out.  they had sites up for Aberdeen and Dundee.  It was the same girls with the same availability at all four locations.  They are renowned for writing their own reviews and editing or ignoring negative ones.

They were recently involved in the case with the corrupt copper who stole cash and drugs as he had been a big spender with them.

They have their fluffies in the Gla thread on Prossie Natter who preach that they are wonderful.

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