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Author Topic: Stupid-Price-itis  (Read 3665 times)

This is true, Jimmy has stated: No WG is worth £200 per hour!
However, as you say there are some who think nothing of paying more.

Clearly some WGs are worth more than others - if only because of looks and figure - but imo it's the service that's the key.
It doesn't mater to me how attractive or curvy a WG is, if her service and personality are crap then it's a bad punt!

Getting to Sofia's point, if a WGs prices are high and she's getting the business (some) punters must feel she's worth it - Although punters not willing to pay the price will never know.

So I'm with you, if I was a millionaire I'd at least give them a try. Who knows, they could be the best punt we've ever had!

Keep doing those lottery tickets mate.  :cool:

I'd probably pay 200 for a WG who had model looks, great personality and gave great service. The standards on that would be pretty high though, and I'd expect it to run for a bit more than an hour really. I feel like any bad punt is money totally down the drain, so I'd rather pay a bit more for a guaranteed great one than repeatedly waste £100 on nothing, looking for a good one.

How would I know she has model looks, great personality and gives great service? Dunno. Probably great recommendations here, great connection in messages beforehand, and authentic photos. Unfortunately I imagine most great WGs don't entertain much in the way of conversation due to timewasters, the really good looking ones are all in London charging a fortune, and it's very difficult to find a WG who provides a good service in general, so it's unlikely I'll ever find this.

Alternatively a cheaper, quick service where I got an idea of the girl and was sure she was that good would possibly tip me into paying 200 for an hour. Sofia, you are welcome to offer me a free trial now  :cool:

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