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Author Topic: oh gawd  (Read 3345 times)

Offline NIK

Good luck to her.

But seriously how do such advertisers actually get any business?   :crazy:

I think I'm going to start advertising on AWank.   :D

Offline ManBat

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Offline Festisio

I'd take her pis, straight down the hatch..... :vomit: :drinks:

You're trying too hard.

Offline wristjob

What is your favourite drink?   john smith's


Offline Ali Katt

What is your favourite drink?   john smith's

She's not talking about the bitter. John Smith is a punter she sees.

Offline petite_nikki

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She states shes 46 im older than her she must of had one hell of a rough life to end up looking like that the third pic with her smiling looks like she has no teeth the face looks sucken in think one of you should go pay her a visit as she likes french kissing and oral
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