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Author Topic: AdultWork private pictures - illegal to share?  (Read 7569 times)

Offline Jimmyredcab

Most pro$$ies think as the picture is of them they own the copyright  :dash:

Not those who are at Uni studying Law.      :music:

Offline James999

Not those who are at Uni studying Law.

Didn't she say she had some taken by that well known "professional photographer  " :lol: carlyg  :lol: you couldn't make it up  :thumbsup:

Offline skittish

True ... but some of those pictures are so deceptively well-done, I have a hard time believing it was anything less than a pro.

Many people confuse the word professional with skilled or talented.

Professional merely means you charge for the service it doesn't guarantee that person is any good.
I know many very talented hobbyist/amateur photographers that don't charge and will put so called professionals to shame.

Offline CatBBW

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It's not a model release you've signed it's just a copyright agreement in which case you can't use any of the images.

A model release, releases photos for specific purposes.


Oh blimey, we both know what I meant.

Offline Kriss

You seem to have forgotten your argument was nothing to do with legal documents or finding out where you go to school. Your argument is that you would be allowed to show or give the images to friends as per a newspaper.

When you agree to the private gallery T&Cs, you agree not to show to others and not to download or pass copies to other people. BTW, distribute means to deliver or pass out.

If you don't understand any of the other words I've used try here

Picking up on specifics is a sure sign that you are on very poor territory. Deliver, pass out? I can imagine you passing out, but showing them to someone is not delivering. And since you've shown such nice manners, I can confirm that my command of the English language is about adequate. Do you understand what 'supercilious prick' means?

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