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Author Topic: Sexy Busty Mia  (Read 1775 times)

Offline Not_today

Visited after the positive review from the previous week. Wonderful service, did everything i was expecting plus more. Perfect body, lovely and clean. Good value for money at 60 for half an hour (ended up being there 40 mins).

Give it a go if sexy asians are your thing

Good for you... I wonder what the "more" part was...)

Offline Not_today

im starting to wonder if you are her indeed :p

Classic! Well I'm not... if you look at my other posts you'll probably be able to see that would be impossible. I'm a frustrated 32 year old bloke who has just about had enough of everything! The last 3 punts I've had in Bristol were bloody awful and I've started to question my entire integrity and existence on this bizarre planet of ours. Why am I, a supposedly attractive middle class chap with his own flat and a good job, unable to get laid or get girls without some huge amount of false personality traits... or paying for it...

Anyway that was un-called for... I'm just having a bad bad week.

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