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Author Topic: Madonna in Earls Court  (Read 1619 times)

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Offline seat1a

Links are these: http://www.loyaltyescorts.com/madonnabrearls-court-london-escortbrdelicious-babebrfont-colorwhitenewfontbrlondon-a-level-escort-23418-p.asp

or: http://www.peachyescorts.co.uk/escorts/madonna_1416_escort.html

it was on a Friday evening at 7.30.

this was my first time with an escort. i often fantasised about the experience, but i was very nervous and this made it quite hard for me to stay that way.

Anna, so her name, is a very friendly girl, smoker however. very soft lips and pert breasts, very slim. i asked the agency if she could wear a short dress and stockings maybe, maybe with suspender belt. she opened up the door at an apartment not far from the station. literally within minute walk. to my dismay there were no stockings or suspender belt involved.

she was wearing a nice dress and guided me to something of a studio. we got the financial part out of the way. there was an extended experience for £50 extra and i wanted to try, but we didn't get around to it. i showered and came back in boxer shorts. she was waiting for me still in dress on the bed. to my dismay there were no stockings or suspender belt involved. i sat next to her and we tried a bit of kissing and fodeling, the dress came off and i started exploring her body. i took her bra off and we kissed for a while longer while i touched her sensitive parts. knickers off and so the boxers.

she touched me for a while, but soon brought out the rubber. apparently owo was not offered. I proceeded to eat her out for a while and then we went into 69 for a few more minutes and then sex in cowgirl. she was grinding pretty hard, but i was rather limb. i think i was so very nervous all afternoon. i felt like i was about to finish and we switched to missionary. it ended not very glorious, but yes....

we then talked for half an hour. she is a very nice girl, but i'm not sure this was the right experience for me. i imagined something a bit more sex loaded... but i think it was my fault, after having a heartbeat of 140 for 3 hours i felt tired when i closed the shop and went to earls court. madonna put me at ease though and i think she could be great, the smokers breath is not so great though.

i would maybe try again, with a different girl. but what can i do about the nerves? and this is an expensive hobby to have...


so the overall feedback has to be negative -wrong?

Offline Thehun10


Ask her before you hand over any money if she does "Services to her discretion" GFE, OWO, FK, 69, CIM
If she says no then walk away.
I expect the same level of service from escorts as I do from John Lewis.
Seriously, before you hand over the money, ask her if you can finish in her mouth?
If she says no then just walk away.

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Offline NightKid

Your nervousness aside, her not honouring your attire request + smokers breath + no OWO + 30 mins timewasting talk = clear negative.
Should you wish to change that particular heading of your review, you can always PM the mods to make such a request.

For the rest of your issues, I'm happy to say there are plenty of solutions:

1) Read the other positive reviews on here and look for those whose names are commonly repeated (Michelle Independent, Platinum Cindy, Maggie21, to name a few) if you want to know how a guaranteed high-standard punt is like.
2) If price is your consideration, look for keywords such as VFM in the positive reviews of other girls. There are many good ones to be had for £100 @ 1 hr, half of what you paid for this mess.
3) Your nerves will dissipate over time as you continue to punt; therefore ... the more you punt, the faster it'll take for you to get over it.

Hope that answers all your questions, and welcome to the forum.  :hi:


Thanks for the report. As regards suggestions, I'd say get used to the 'dismay' of WGs not honouring clothng requests. With agencies/pimps, you can bet the farm that the message won't have been passed on, and for the non-pimped, they'll give you some baloney about it not being 'her' flat, or all her clothes are in the wash, or whatever story comes into her head first.

You'd think that basic kit like stockings and suspenders or suchlike would be mandatory, but for most, it isn't. Never mind, eh.

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