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Offline Jackjones

https://www.adultwork.com/princess%2Drose or https://www.adultwork.com/1835996

A fantastic real English girl.... shocking i know!

So lets start with the simple things, communication. Apart from the annoying auto-response from AW she has turned on for her profile she was fantastic at this, i was never left more then 30mins waiting for a reply to any e-mail that i sent to her and always got polite and straight to the point replies which is just what i want like most guys even to simple questions like my first one "how far are you from the local train station?" a lot of girls won't even bother to reply to such a question but Rose did and swiftly.

After a worrying wait to find out if my booking was going to go ahead i e-mailed her the night before to say I'd be catching the train the following morning and would need to know very soon if the booking would go ahead, 10mins later i have an e-mail with a phone number and an apology that she had confirmed and that it was just AW failing once again, shock there.

So i get to Boston make the short walk to her place now in the rain ring the door bell and get to meet "security" which in my case was just a normal guy, in all fairness a very nice and polite guy at that he had seen that i was wet from the rain and on the way being escorted to Rose's room gave me a towel to dry my self off be for hand, it really is the small things isn't it? So don't let the fact that she has security in the house with her put you off going to see her.

Now as for her.... thos photos on her profile don't lie and even if they did it's only because of the lack of ability to show this girls true beauty. She has a perfect tight toned flawless (ignoring the tattoos) body with soft ivory skin that just wants to make you run your hands all over her and to this a voice you could never get tired of listening too.

Besides that she was warm, gentle and did all the things she said she did on her profile and very well to.

in short, this girl was worth the 3 hours travel time it took to go see her so I'd more then recommend a visit to anyone who's looking for a real English girl who's not going to waste your time or try and rob you blind.

1 review(s) found for Bostons-lilSecret linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline CoolTiger

Welcome to UKP. You have posted your review in the West Mids Section.

You may want to copy and paste your entire post and put it in the East Mids Section.

SP also offers BB at an extra cost of £100 :scare:
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Offline James999

Better still avoid her completely as she lists bareback  :vomit:
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