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Author Topic: Bombshell  (Read 2887 times)

Offline StevenS

Seriously considering an expensive punt as her profile on AW looks good, feedback great and includes Conway as a fan.

Anyone else had experience?


MR Conway is the main man with this girl - Bombshell - he has seen her many times this year - she is out of most of the UKP members price range so def top end at £200 ph...

Offline StevenS

That's the quandary.  Effectively burning 2 punts money in one. Would be good to  know its worth it.


Sorry but the only punter I know who is on UKP membership is Mr C.

Offline StevenS

No problem mate. I think I will take a chance. Nothing ventured gained and all that.


Here is the link - she does look FAB - https://www.adultwork.com/1235849

But way to high price for me - hope you have fun

6 review(s) found for -Bombshell- linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

She gives £20 discount in london if you book in advance, not sure how long in advance u need to book though

Online NightKid

And it seems she'll give you a tenner back, in Chippenham. Maybe it's because of this blasted weather?

Offline StevenS

Booked an hour next week. She sounds ace on the phone. Will report back :thumbsup:


I would def go for a session if she was in the £150 price range that is the max I would pay per hour, Hope she gives christmas refunds?

Offline berksboy

shes hot but not £190 per hr hot.


Simple supply and demand - if you have people that will pay £190-£200 ph and they are many punters who do then you will be mad to lower your rate.

Until punters stop paying these higher silly rates then they will continue upwards -

Offline Conwy

I am in Africa right now. If you are after sex with no extras then you can get better value. I reckon that it costs Bombshell about 200 per day when she comes to London, so understand why she charges more, especially with her expensive dresses.
If you do see her then missing a lapdance borders on the criminal. I book for 3 hours and we do all sorts of stuff.

Offline ivandobski

I saw her a while back. Was however put off my the horrible smell of her bum hole when I was going down on her.  Not clean. Was a big shame as she has a killer body.

Offline Conwy

That sounds unfortunate, since I have seen her 17 times without such an experience. I have also rimmed her.


Offline StevenS

I can confirm first hand she is fresh as a daisy  :)


I would take Mr C's word over most peoples as he has been a top guy here on UKP with many recommendations.

If he is saying that she has been great 17x then if I had the funds I would do her for £190ph.

Maybe when I get rich or win the lottery..

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