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Author Topic: lil minx jade?  (Read 714 times)

Offline brummielad83

is this another incarnation of louise/filthy little minx or different girl i wonder? been on a while and hidden feedback  www.adultwork.com/1406640   www.adultwork.com/Little+minx+jade

Offline James999

What a shit pic on the profile, they must have spent ages trying to get such crap images and then posted the worst  :wacko:

Even a basic cameraphone would produce better / clearer images  :blush:

Offline brummielad83

yep added to my suspicions tbh james, could still be defaming a different girl though hard to be sure  :unknown:

Offline curry

This one looks fatter than that one who robs she is a skinny drug user this one seems to have some meat on the bone

Yeah as Curry said, this is a different girl.

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