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Author Topic: Avoid "lil sub taboo" at all costs  (Read 1532 times)

Hey guys. Just to give you all a heads up.

Seriously avoid "lil sub taboo"


I saw her once in Walsall, had a great time and seemed like a lovely girl. A some time later I thought I would go and see her again, this time asking for an overnight. She said she would do it at her flat for £250. Bargain. I got there, gave her the money and then she made me wait as she had a shower. She came out looking exactly the same (obviously didn't shower) Then all of a sudden two guys walk in and got shitty with her. She asked me to wait outside and we could go to another flat. I waited and twenty minutes later the two guys left. I called her but she did not answer her phone. I tried again and she told me to hang on and that she will be out in a minute. So, I waited and waited and nothing. I tried to call but her phone was off. I then got a text from her saying she would never let me put my hands her and that she has called police and reported me. I tried to call her again to get an explanation but nothing. This girl is a thief and I did notice drugs on the living room table.

This is not me being bitter or seeking retribution. I see it as a lesson learnt and hopefully the rest of you can learn from my mistake and avoid her.

Happy punting folks.

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Yeah, thats the same girl. Horrible excuse for a person and a disgraceful oxygen thief. Since her I have not gone to see some girls who hide their feedback or have any negative feedback. Its spoilt it for me. I am a polite fun guy who likes to have a laugh and hope to give the girl enjoyment too. I am now always thinking if I am going to get ripped off.

It's a shame because I know there are some amazing girls out there and the are some absolute bitches who spoilt it.

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