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Author Topic: Submissive girls?  (Read 1027 times)

Offline NIK

The thread below about spanking made me think about the submissive girls in London. I think Carrie and Summer are the most famous but there are a few others on the website.

I have never seen one as it isn't really my scene beating a girl, but they seems to be immensely popular with loads of FR's. They are also expensive.
Also probably a good deal older than advertised as Carrie at least has been around many years.

However what really intrigues me about it is how far do they let a punter go?
Many Fr's describe about marking them, so presumably those marks must still be there for the next punter to see and add to?
Do they ever get to the stage where the marks fade altogether?
Also I assume they must have good security in case a punter gets carried away and hurts them too much?
I presume this must have happened on occasions? I can't see how it could not have done.

I would be especially interested to hear from the ladies about what they feel about this topic.  :(

Offline softlad

I have a work mate, who's seriously into submissive women.
He gets off on seeing them bound up from head to toe in cling film, like a 'mummy'
bound tight and helpless, with just an opening for their mouth.
You can sense his excitement just describing what he'd like to do to them.....
Quite funny when he get's going.

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