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Author Topic: Monika (aka Gizelle) - Hot Collection and other EE agencies  (Read 1252 times)

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Offline agcnospam

Met this girl through the agency - comms were fine, no problems on that front. She is also available through several other agencies, the usual EE ones.


I paid £180 for an hour. She has a mix of reviews on the various EE sites, but I take these with a massive pinch of salt for my own reasons.

Flat was ok, I remember that the shower was very good (in fact apart from Monika's tits the shower was perhaps the highlight of the meeting).

Monika looks good - nicely dressed, really good tits, fine body and legs, looks like the photos, smells nice and is clean. We had a quite vanilla punt, usual mix of positions and covered BJ (I think - I have to admit I can't actually remember) - most of it quite robotic. However it was quite apparent to me that she was not into the job at all, and seemed quite depressed at  times when we were talking - not angry towards me, or aggressive, but just down - it was sad to see and it made me feel a bit guilty after I left.

It was a negative experience for me as it was quite plain to see she did not feel good in this game. I would not repeat the experience because of the guilty feeling that it gave me, however it is quite possible I caught her on a really bad day - but it looked like something more than that to me.

Offline Tailpipe

It is a shame when it goes that way. Seems more likey when using agents.

I have to say there are some very good looking girls on that site , I suspect the turbo photoshop helped a Lot.

Sorry you had a shit punt. She has got great TITs  :cool:

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