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Author Topic: What happened to Dollybird Sarah from Ashington???  (Read 2016 times)

Sarah was on the Dollybirds website in Ashington, saw her a number of times and she was the best.  Does anyone know where she's gone???

Is she the same Sarah that works for NNE?

Is she the same Sarah that works for NNE?

I'm pretty sure she's not. The Dollybirds Sarah looked very slim from her pictures, whereas NNE's Sarah is fabulously curvy (e.g. natural EE boobs).

Not the same lass, both fantastic but Sarah who was with dollybirds was a total mind blower.  Would love to find out if shes still working.

I presume this is the girl mentioned by Pete. Was off the DB site for a while but is back.


Tempted - will add to my possibles list if more postive reviews show up.


Well the tattoo proves that I was wrong to assume that it was the same Sarah as NNE.  Might have to give her a go.  I like the look of Samantha Jane too.

Yes - I have Samantha Jane on a shortlist (which is actually turning into quite a longlist at the moment.) 

I think the AW profile is https://www.adultwork.com/Jennifer+Lee which has more details on services and some feedback.
At first I thought it might be this girl, but clearly not. https://www.adultwork.com/stacey205.


Offline DaveMugabe

fucking ridiculous prices- £130 for half an hour?!!!

fucking ridiculous prices- £130 for half an hour?!!!

Yeah it's the same price as for 1 hour.

I assume that's her way of saying she doesn't want to do half hour bookings.

Agree prof! To put it in perspective, you can get 30 minute duo appointment with Brunette Jones and Northern Kara for £120.


She is back and better than ever, had myself a visit last week.  She's amazing.

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