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Author Topic: tiffany cameo  (Read 724 times)

Looks like tiffanys left cameo. Anyone know where shes gone?

Offline NIK

As I've said before I'm not really sure what all the fuss is about with this girl. Seen her twice. First time not bad - if I had been much less experienced I might have been even more impressed. Ironically she said, 'You're easily pleased.' I thought 'little do you know!'
Second time downright crap. Poor kissing and complained that I was irritating her during RO. Rushed as well. Mandatory 'tramp stamp' too.
Not in he same league as Nicoletta or the incomparable Carla Louise or even Jessica, another petite great blonde from back in the day.
I think Tiffany may be escorting now on Northern Belles however.

Shes left there to nik. So just wondered if anyone knew where as was going to see her tomorrow but shes disappeared both sites.  Wondered if shes gone solo? Or somewhere else.

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