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Author Topic: SexyLetiyah18  (Read 9902 times)

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Offline smiths

You claim to have had numerous fantastic punts with cheapo girls, not a single link to support your claims, if you were in the dock at The Bailey you would be sent down, your last recorded punt was many, many years ago ---- and not that cheap.  :rolleyes:

£60 an hour girls are lowlife skanks, you know that and so do I.     :hi:

This isnt a court of law and your tactics of trying to undermine me are typical of you, you will do anything to try to win an argument.

I hve done a few reviews on here and posted on some others review threads in fact so your factually wrong about my last recorded punt. Dont let the utter crap you spout about cheaper WGs stop you being wrong though.  I even posted about Hot Katalina who was £80 an hour above, according to your rubbish she is a skank, totally and completely wrong as others have posted.

My view and i have posted it before many times is there is a downside to sharing punts, WGs have put their prices up and/or been harder to see, so a lose lose for me. In addition on here we have punters like you that go round "advising" WGs to raise their rates, one of the most stupid things any punter can do in my view, a view shared by a number of other punters on here as my thread about the subject showed. You couldnt make up this stuff yet you have actually done it. :rolleyes:

Offline kam100k

I wouldn't say all cheap punts are bad. A couple of years ago there was a place that offered an hour at £45. Inside a week I had been there 6 times and found the services excellent. No mechanics, no time wasting, or clock watching. The girls were very pretty and all kinds, slim blondes, brunettes, just the way I like them all in their late teens or early 20's. And it was unlimited cum. And 2 girls offered OWO at discretion without charging extra. The only off putting punt there was when one girl started her period! But then she did give me OWO to compensate so I was more than happy.

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