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Possibly the best bait and switch ever..

https://www.adultwork.com/2095538 or https://www.adultwork.com/cutte%5Fclaudia

Wanted a 30 min session without too much travel that included a-levels and CIM and she was one of 3 that ticked the right boxes. Comm was good (or so i thought), as we spoke via text mid afternoon. She said yes to what I wanted and all seemed good. I called later to confirm a time and say I was on my way. At this stage I thought it seemed kind of slightly dodgey as she was just answering everything with 'yes', 'yes', 'yes yes'.

Quite discreet. They are in one of the new apartment blocks in Ilford town centre. I didn't come across anyone as I walked up the stairs and searched for the correct door which is always a plus. I got to the door and this is where it starts..

I walk in and there are two pretty hot young women looking at me not saying anything. To try and brake the awkwardness I smile and say 'so, who's claduia?' Looking at them both with a grin. They show me through to the lounge. Then one of them who seems to be the pimp/maid asks me what I want.. I say 'Claudia 30 min a level, CIM as discussed'. She said no, only this girl is available. Only OW, no a level, CIM or anything like that. Then she said 'ok? or you want to leave?' At this point I felt like the girls in the backroom facials videos where the interviewer asks them to give him head and he says 'if you dont want to do it thats fine you can leave, there are plenty more girls waiting outside'. I said yes i'll go with this girl, but can we actually have a room, as we were in the lounge with open windows overlooking other property's. She said no sorry because all rooms were in use. A busy friday evening (around 8 ish).

The girl  :yahoo:  :wacko:
Before the maid left she said 'Be nice to her, she is new'. I gave them both a cheeky grin and loved the fact she is new. This girl was WAYYY hotter than who I had come to see. She had long brunette hair, athletic/toned body, huge breast and a perky, bouncy, round bum. Also her face is beautiful/cute at the same time... Heaven. Told me she is 19. She doesn't speak any english but smiles, encourages and was great company on the whole. The three words she does know are doggy, time?! and big?!  :sarcastic:

Started of with a lap dance. Me in my boxers, her in her pants and top. Then OW from the side whislt she let me finger her. The more OW from the front whilst i played with her massive fun bags. Although she said she is 19 her breasts were really saggyy. Ie when she lay down they slopped of to the sides :s. Anyway she rode me from the front, then reverse CG, some GFE up close missionary and then doggy which she kept asking me for the whole time. The site of her ass in doggy  :yahoo:  She was so tight and juicy aswell. She felt so good. She did ask 'time?!' quite a few times and seemed to go from happy to distressed but I think that was due to what is described in the next paragraph plus the maid shouting stuff in their language through the door. We finished in a rush in missionary.. I'll explain why now

Negative surroundings..
If anyone does she claudia there is a chance you may also come across this. Bare in mind I was already in the lounge due to all the rooms being busy. During our session the buzzer would go off, making her jump and freeze/stare at the door. Then you could keep hearing doors being knocked and people nearly came into the room we were in at least three times. She had to shout something in her language and then got up and turned down the lights incase we did get interrupted, which I thought was thoughtful. The maid cut my session short of about 8 mins, which is a lot in a half hour session.

All in all it was pretty crazy. But considering I had this beautiful, sweet, tight, fresh young (a few years younger than me) girl i was in the zone and blocking out all the rubbish going on in the flat. For others it may have been terrible but for me it was  amazing in our own little world (blocking out the other stuff).

In terms of any of you finding this particular girl, it sounded like she said her name was emmy (amy possibly with an accent?). I have searched for her on AW but she is not there ATM. However that may change soon as she is new. I can assure you I will be looking and if she comes up I will post her page here.

Sorry for the essay but just thought i'd give you it as it happened whilst it is fresh in my mind.

 P.s There is a chance it was genuinely just a mix up during a busy time but im not so sure. When I was on my way home I got a text from Claudia (about 45 mins after the time we had agreed) saying 'where are you?'. When I told her I had come, asked for her n been given someone1 else she just said 'Ok, my name is Claudia by the way. I did think that she was probably in one of the rooms with some1 considering they were all in use. Although I just had the thought they may use more than one fat in the same block... :unknown:

The hunt for emmy/amy miss paradise shall hopefully bear fruit.


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