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Author Topic: Anybody seen sweet ranya?  (Read 1127 times)


See her veri picture looks a little spotty to me - her pictures are maybe a little photo shopped?


I saw her about a year ago in a flat in edmonton. Im sure there was other girls working out of there.

She looked exactly as pictured (youthful appearance), really nicely toned body and pretty. Very lovely ass for a white lady. I thought wow i have found a bargain, but she was picky about positions complained about size and started getting stroppy after a while, not sure if she was having a bad day. body looks superb in doggy. but she stopped me after about a minute.  :scare:

Im not really bothered about service but for me it was limiting because i wanted to pound that ass to oblivion. her looks/body make up for it for me though.

I would still recommend, she had a very round ass, and lovely legs/thighs/waist and i would visit her again and hope it goes a lot better.

Bare in mind it was a year ago she could look a lil different now. Shes definitely under the radar and under rated never heard her discussed on a forum before.
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@ password,

she had a donk (ass) when i saw her. if she's used photoshop its very little if any at all. Im very suprised she hasnt amassed a following and/or more feedback i would agree with her feedback she is a hidden gem.

and before anyone says im her pimp, no please no that is angle is really tired.
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