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Author Topic: Too good to be true?  (Read 794 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/2178453 or https://www.adultwork.com/pure%2Dinnocence

No inconsistancies in the profile. Says she is shy about anal/filming - only for the right guys. Just the right side of pricey to be legit and in Clapham Junction - not a prime hotspot.

However - pricey PG (which I'm not paying for), offering cam shows (why, if she's shy?) and just looks too good to be true...

Apparently she'll put her number up in a few days when her flat is ready.


Offline skittish

My guess is the phone number will never materialise. She's part of a group 'English Teens' all have PG's/Movies/Direct Cam. None have phone numbers displayed only one has any credible escorting FB (and she is £200ph).

All profiles appear to be written by same person.

I'd say picture seller/webcammer at best. Time will tell.
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