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Author Topic: sexy.maya leicester  (Read 1482 times)


can anyone offer me any feedback on this one, her aw feedback makes her look bad but I like the look of her

Offline CoolTiger

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I'm sure I've seen her previous profiles.

I've seen her before, about 6 months ago, before 8 joined ukp. Her place was a dirty dive of a house just on upperton rd. Quite possibly the worst punt in over a decade. I did consider writing a retrospective review when her "new" profile was created recently and back in Leicester again. The reason you dont see her smile is hecause she has black teeth. I didn't see those until after I paid for the hour. Apparently it's a cum once policy too regardless of the time you book! At the time I just started laughing in disbelief
 and left, and have never seen a polish girl since, just not worth the hassle.

thanks for the replies guys, she has told me she lives "saffron lane, le2 6ue", but like you said if she has black teeth then I am never going to want to stick my cock in that

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