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Author Topic: Does punting make you more attractive?  (Read 1735 times)

Offline mystery7

Sounds crazy right? But has anyone else started pulling more on nights out? Every time I've been out in the last 6 months, I've had a lot more  female attention.
 I think its due to being more confident after having sex with gorgeous girls for the past year (Punts). Has anyone else had any similar experiences? (its certainly cheaper than punting all the time) :)
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Offline Sailormack

My thoughts on  this are that the more that you are shagging, the more you WILL shag in the future. I think that there have been studies done on this and the consensus was that it was possibly the pheromones produced.

However my advice is never to rely on just punting, try to mix it up a bit with the civvies although I accept that the ones you can get for free don't always float the boat  :scare:

Definitely had the same experience. I used to be awful with girls but I've slept with more civvies since I started punting than I ever did in my life beforehand. I think once you've done so many wild things with so many good looking girls, regular sex with an average girl you meet on a night out is suddenly a more plain and less intimidating prospect. Also takes a lot of the pressure off I feel; whereas before you never knew when you might next get to have sex, and so almost felt like you constantly had to be trying to get closer to any girl who took an interest, after punting you know you can have it whenever you want anyway so don't feel any sort of pressure to go chasing girls.

On top of that I now do better at work which resulted in a raise, I have more free time to travel or learn new skills since I'm no longer obliged to go do things just to try and meet girls, I'm in better shape since I don't drink so much from going to clubs or bars to try and pull (plus I don't lose a day every week from the hangover), and I'm sure all these things have helped too.

Can't recommend punting enough and wish I had started sooner.

Offline mystery7

Glad its helped some other people too, yeah, wished i'd started earlier too :)
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Offline Hyborean

I think that once you punt with attractive girls you see that the beautiful girls are not something mysterious and frightening. They are just girls and are no longer intimidating. Your confidence goes up and then you become naturally more attractive to girls.  :hi:

Offline overhead

It definitely gives you more confidence. The problem I had was with starting it. It took me a very long time to get used to the idea, and I know I would have been better off if I had started sooner than I did. I just didn't know how to go about it as well as being very inhibited, and in the end it was almost by chance I found a way into the scene. Any guy who has reached his early 20's and isn't getting much sex, if any at all, should seriously consider it. Women expect certain levels of experience and competence related to your age and if you haven't got that you don't get very far with them. It's a valid way of gaining experience and enjoying sex at the same time, and if you approach it in the right way you can learn a lot more from prostitutes that themselves have the right attitude, than anyone else.

Offline vt

All the above...for me it...

Demystifies attractive women, they're just human and like to be treated as such.

Takes all the pressure off to score, makes you seem less desperate, hence more attractive

Increases confidence in conversation, women are attracted to confident men

Increases bedroom skills, my orgasm giving potential has grown since starting punting as I've been able to hone skills with responsive, non-judgmental partners

It's a win-win...as long as you keep the civvie/punter lives separate...and can afford it!

Offline JamesKW

(its certainly cheaper than punting all the time) :)
Not always it could end up a whole lot more expensive if you get caught.

I think that once you punt with attractive girls you see that the beautiful girls are not something mysterious and frightening. They are just girls and are no longer intimidating. Your confidence goes up and then you become naturally more attractive to girls.  :hi:

Exactly the way I feel about it!

I'm too old to start trying to pull civvies [and wouldn't want to start trying with those around my age, anyway! :scare:] but just generally feel much more confident around women since I began punting.

Offline unclepokey

This is an interesting thread.
Perhaps because I went to a mixed school up until 5th form I was relaxed about being in the company of girls. (When in the 6th form I was at a boys only school I found myself rather surprised at the pent-up testosteronic behaviour of my new school mates.
All of that was over 40 years ago but I'm still relaxed about being around 'wimmen'.
Does being relaxed make one more attractive? Perhaps it does. Only the ladies could say.
As respects punting, with which I've only been involved for c. 11 years, I was as nervous as any bloke would be at my first booking. Things are now much improved, however despite, as one would expect, always being a bit on edge when seeing a new lady for the first time.
I take more care with my appearance than perhaps I sometimes used to do. I need to take care here lest Auntie smells a rat. I'm no oil painting (at 66 what do you expect?). But generally, though, I find that arriving at a punt freshly washed and shaved reaps value for my hard-earned pension.
So to answer the question - possibly BECAUSE I punt I am a bit more attractive.

Civies are out for me. An affair I've had. Won't go there again.
'Friends with benefits' would be nice perhaps but they're just as bad as affairs in most respects for me.
No: The commercial contract of shagging a WG suits me just fine and nobody has ever convinced me that I can't be close and valued friends with a pro$$ie. My experience as respects my regulars tells me otherwise.

Uncle Pokey

Offline manc36

Well there is less chance of acting a twat and creeping to women just because they're fit, especially when you've fucked plenty of fit women anyhow. It's funny but cringeworthy to watch younger men creeping  :vomit:

I suppose some women find it attractive by the fact you can take her or leave her, depending if she is nice/funny or not.

Other than that ? I haven't a clue   :)

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