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Author Topic: Anyone tried Sweet Honey 1?  (Read 1032 times)

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Offline Festisio

£60 /hr is pretty much as cheap as you can get for an AW whore.

There's a feedback comment that says "basic".  My punter senses were tingling that she would be a mechanical, going through the motions prossie.

She advertises elsewhere with the emphasis on erotic massage so may try and scam you with one of those and a perfunctory, soulless hand job.

However it's so cheap, get stuck in and take one for the team!
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must be worth a punt at £40 for 1/2 hour? she looks ok maybe a 7/10?

Offline fredpunter

Didn't take her long to increase her prices


WOW that was quick - a 50% increase on 30 mins from £40 to £60 - in 3 hours!!! at that rate you will have a APR of 1,000,000% worse than those wonga people!!

click on her feedback

'basic' probably as in 'basic services'

Personally I would avoid this one.

Offline mothra

Her pimp must be reading this forum. Well, I won't be in a hurry to see her.

Offline Steve2

She was in Wembley area a few days ago but the "basic" feedback put me off too. Luckily I am spoilt for choice in my local area

Looks OK. '21' is pushing it a bit, but if I was up that way and was in the mood, I would.

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