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Author Topic: BarbieSexBombXXX - leeds  (Read 1888 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/730548 or https://www.adultwork.com/BarbieSexBombXXX

Has she recently moved to Leeds? not on my wish list and I can't imagine I wouldn't have added her if I had seen her profile before. A lot of the feedback is quite recent. Unsure.

At £80 for 30 mins, she's all your sir ;)

Hi guys, i've being on and off the site, due to have boyfriends inbetween(i webcammed throughout those periods), however i decided to come back 6 months ago, immediately after splitting with my ex, am having lots of filthy, horny fun. Come join me, if you wishX

Offline Sentinal

How come you don't read emails(through aw) and just delete them? do you only read bookings?

Offline Sentinal

Doesn't read booking requests either  :unknown:

Don't know what's up with this girl, hasn't read a single email or booking ive sent in, I don't have negative feedback either. Some of her feedback is from guys with only 1 feedback and she gave them it so seems a bit weird. Although there is seemingly genuine feedback as well.

Anyone else any luck?
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I read all my emails. The only ones that get deleted, do so automatically as they are the ones that are from people on my block list. Reasons for blocking include rude/offensive emails, strange requests, previous time wasters and those who only have negative feedback. Also in regards to the comment about seeing men which have only 1 feedback which i have left, i see people with no feedback and then i leave some for them it's not an usual thing, when you join you will initially have no feedback. I have plenty of positive feedback comments from members who have lots of feedback from many different escorts. There are no specific requirements to whom i will see, i have entertained a wide variety of clients however i am not obliged to see everybody who contacts me and those who give me cause for concern will not receive a reply.

How did she find this thread? UKPMole again?
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How did she find this thread? UKPMole again?

There is no mole. These threads are read extensively by prossies.

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