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Author Topic: Any info  (Read 1045 times)

Offline Tailpipe

https://www.adultwork.com/1566613 or https://www.adultwork.com/xx+IndianMiss+xx

In the search for a nice India this came up , has any one had the pleasure.

Yep - she'll want to see a photo of you before she will condescend to a booking. I told her to poke it when she asked, but judging by her feedback many do.

If you create an RB she will reply. I think that's where most of her bookings come from.

Offline MrBrightside

I'd steer clear she is a DIVA :lol: She bids on a lot of RB! The bit that really gets me is the Penetration Protected ( at my discretion)What?????

Offline Tailpipe

Thanks both of you for the info.

She did bid on a RB and write a nice polite email, I looked at  the feed back and got interested.

However Photo , Fuck off

Sex at discretion fuck off again.

Yet another up your own Ass .com , Shame looked nice.

Thanks again.


Yes same here - she bid on my RB a few weeks ago and will only do outcalls even though my RB was Incall only - she suggested I book a hotel and send her details about myself and who I am etc.... told her Yes but ony if she send me her face pic and also agree to booking and paying for the hotel room first and THEN to contact me to confirm and THEN MAYBE I will then send her details about myself.

Still waiting after 2 weeks

I've had a load of emails off her so I sent her an ultimatum - 'No more AW emails - there is nothing to debate until you send me a face pic to my gmail address'. Suffice to say she sent another AW email back to me, probably trying to debate something. I just deleted it unread.

It's clear that plenty of fluffies will put up with her nonsense since she's got incredible feedback. Obviously her business model is to capture the fluffy market and if she gets challenged by someone like one of us guys, she moves on to the next guy. Makes sense and works for her.

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