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Author Topic: Lacey-Louise anyone?  (Read 857 times)

Offline bighands

I noticed this one https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2175897 saying she's been gone for 3 years and is now back, but she's only 20 now! Maths isn't that hard is it?  :dash:

Offline mh

Yeah, lying about your age is a simple thing to do unless you're mathematically challenged.

She's quite explicit too "for tonight only £100 for a hole hour of my time".  :D

Offline scooby73

Putting a positive spin on it, she's fit as fook  :lol:

Offline ciscoxxx69

I sent her an email on 25th Sept, she read it on 26th........and.........

Guess what?   

I am still waiting for a reply..... :dash:

Offline scooby73

Yep, shame. Doesn't look too prmoising.

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