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Author Topic: Best PSE at Maxes  (Read 1537 times)

Offline adebisi

I'm going to be up in London a fair bit over the next month so am looking for some tips from you fine people.

I've heard great things about Alex but I understand she's not available very often. Anyone else at Maxes offer a good full-on PSE?

Offline Tailpipe

If PSE is your thing the Girl of the moment is Madlin Moon there are many recent reviews on here to read, I suspect she will deliver  :hi:

Offline adebisi

Yeah, I saw that long review thread; she sounds amazing but her AW profile seems to have been removed  :(

Offline Conwy

The last I saw, Madlin was away until something like 17th October.

Other names to consider, at varying price points (first hour / second hour):

RebeccaMoore - £250 / £200 but does BB in her porn work (obviously not with clients): 1 visit
KristenDD - not seen her but I thought that I would mention her before Hendrix does. £200 / £150
Angie George - £250 / £150: 5 visits
-Bombshell-  £200 / £200 : 17 visits
Amica Bentley £ lots unless on a "special" : 1 visit
XX DEE XX £120 / £80 : 1 visit

All on AW. I saw Dee with Platinum Cindy this week and she had the potential to be quite naughty.


Offline Conwy

At Maxes - Rio Lee, obviously.

I have seen Megan 3 times and she is very open-minded, but not like Alex.

28 review(s) found for MadlinMoonXXX linked to in above post (27 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline billlybob

Sindy is pretty good as well...she films under the name Antonia deona... but again not around very often...

You could also try photogirls.net or pornescort.xxx who have a stable of stars they represent, but they are generally more expensive than maxes...sindy at 200quid seems very good value!


Madlins back 13/10 to 17/10 - would recommend over most girls on AW who do GFE/PSE - seen her a few times and she is the best at PSE -

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