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Author Topic: Who was your last punt with?  (Read 893 times)

Offline dino1990

whats ava like, working today I see

Offline Mark321

Good lass. Big tits and very chatty. Done a review of her in review section

Offline toon972

Angel of The North on Tuesday.She is going on holiday on Sunday,so thought I had better get one in as it were.

Offline Mark321

She did mention she was going away. Think shes just back from holiday too. Ohh the life of a escort

Offline toon972

Yeh,she is going to Prague to see family.

Offline Barry Shipton

Just noticed Angel's started putting her holidays on the news bit of her website - www.escort-newcastle.com/blog - looks like we've got to wait a couple of weeks before she's back.

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