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Author Topic: _andrea_ barbican  (Read 1735 times)

1 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 2084168) (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline billlybob

https://www.adultwork.com/2084168 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5F%5F%5FANDREA%5F%5F%5F

Touch and go whether this got a positive or a negative....make your own mind up...

My usual faves were all off line, so thought I'd try a new one...same old flat on goswell rd but different girls now.

Very short notice booking, but com's were fine. Good English and prompt replies.

Turned up...attractive girl, plumped for half hour and grabbed a quick shower...for anyone not familiar with the flat...clean, nice shower and fairly secluded once your in the building...

Got down to it and kissing wasn't French, but closed lips and a bit reluctant...bj was covered only even though both these were on her profile. Hadn't specifically  checked before hand as it was last minute booking, so a bit disapointed, but not in the mood to argue about it.

Physically she's pretty enough, not stunning, slim small boobs but a little but of a tummy...is this flat becoming the new mum aerobic workout gym???
After a few minutes of bj, good eye contact and not too much hand action, swapped round and went down on her...clean and responsive and after a few minutes as wet as a mermaids wet buts...orgasm or faked orgasm later we went to doggy. Slipped is so easily as she was so wet...a few minutes nice doggy...she didn't try and limit any depth...then had her on her back on the corner of the bed for some good pounding which she made the right noises and faces to.

Then moved her back onto the bed and held her legs right back and pounded away for quite a while. I've normally blown by now so I was on good form for a lengthy session which she didn't try and hurry up. She checked the condom a few times when I withdrew to change positions etc which indicate she cares about health a bit. After a little while I finished in her so no idea if body or face shots are on the menu...I'm guessing face certainly isn't.

So all in all a mixed punt. Not the best body, but slim if not toned.

Services not as described but a ok performance for simple bj and sex in multiple positions.

Certainly not a Nadia, mia or emily, but physically passable and took a good vanilla  shagging without complaining.

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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline loner

Thanks shes just around the corner but reluctant due to no face pic, hows her ass? Is it nice and curvy? Overall though I guess this is kinda negative in a way but neutral would be the best i suppose, it doesnt really say OWO included, just says discretion....i hate that word lol.

Hows her face like?

Offline billlybob

she's ok. not stunning but pretty enough.

ass is nice. she's got an ok figure, but a bit of a tummy and not toned...just slim. she's the girl in the pics though I guess they were a little while back...

Online NightKid

Following on from my implied posts tonight about seeing a neutral negative, she was it. Before I start, I'd like to clarify that she's not the type I usually go for (prefer DFK/OWO providers) but I'd just recovered from a minor case of sore throat and was more accepting of closed mouth kissing & OW at the moment. Sadly, she just had to go and be living proof that the willingness to do my standard services is a massive indication of their attitude on the job.

Anyway, to point ... she was my last resort plan after my first couple of texts did not produce a response. I was ready to not punt at all today but, somewhere in the corner of my heart I was banking on her responding after reading about her good comms. To her credit, she did just that and her face + flat was quite nice but unfortunately that is where the positives end. Also, I hasten to add that out of the total of 3 first contact-cum-services inquiry texts I sent today ... hers was the only one where I did not use abbreviations. I asked about my preferences despite knowing otherwise, as a test of character, to which she replied positively so I went in with perhaps too much optimism.

Moving on to the meat of my post, I paid her 30 min rate @ £70. Took a fast shower while she put away the money then asked for a quick massage, which was meh. Suggested instead that she get on her back so that I could kiss & go down on her ... it was *drumroll* closed and she told me RO was nice, with a straight face. I also saw her looking around the room when I was licking her.

While we were halfway through RO, she suggested a covered BJ which I sensed was more out of haste than initiative. I wasn't done with introducing her pussy to my tongue just yet, so I countered with a 69 offer. Less than 5 mins into 69, 2 of which she was giving me furious handjob action, she was already asking if we should shag. And the sex was non-existent because in the last 30 seconds she was wanking me off, she went so fast I couldn't stop it in time and popped.

Edit: In the aftermath, I questioned her again about the affirmative DFK and OWO text reply I got. She avoided answering about DFK but gave me the common tripe, "OWO is at discretion dear" ... fuck off.  :dash:
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