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Author Topic: angelbabe  (Read 669 times)

Offline bawbag

took a gamble on https://www.adultwork.com/angelbabe005 this was when her profile was showing just her. had a punt with sabrina the main one in the pictures, she is located just off colinton road in what must be the most luxurious as wg put it apartment i have ever punted at. sabrina herself was nice and attractive, thong tanlines do it for me, good service. downside minimal english spoken. knows the words of a wg not much else. normally a lack of english destroys my enjoyment. but her energetic performance surprisingly  made up for it.

Offline Happy99

Do you get to pick when you go in or before going? That was a gamble as the one with the old face in middle pic in gallery looks weird.

Offline bawbag

nah as i said they have grouped together their profiles now for some reason since then. but yeah im glad i missed out on what very much looks like could be her mum or sylvester stallone. i phoned her direct not sure what the situation would be now.

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