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Author Topic: Claire Sexy in Bristol  (Read 1380 times)

2 review(s) found for Claire Sexy 1990 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline PuntingPete

Alright my luvver  :lol:

Looks well tasty  :thumbsup:

Offline Michael-Corleone

Looks amazing. Almost a bit of LIz Hurley going on there.

Anyone seeing her tmro by any chance? If shes worth it I may reconsider my spending in London in split it 50-50 with this beauty... If someone sees her tmro by some chance,  please write back!

Offline TerryTibbs


Wow....where did she come from??? Never even noticed her before!

She is polish though!


Offline Tailpipe

She was working in Gatwick until the other day I missed out on booking her .

Looks good , alexy do not miss this one right up your street  :cool:

I might pass as I got PG and body type is not 100pc what I like although her boobs look amazing. Hips/bum area seem a tad too wide for my liking but I am just being picky maybe. Also her face doesn't look as nice on any of the PG images.  It mught be worth spending the 1 pound before you guys decide to viait just to make sure. If I find sonething better for London,  I will probably book only in London and not 1 hour there,  1 hour here as I was thinkibg. However,  my RB is useless -  no one remotely interesting has bid so at the moment I am struggling to figure out Who to do :) There's a few girls Ive aort of liked but will see tomorrow. I dont think Claire is No 1 on my to-do list though after seeing the PG and no feedback on here (I still dont trust AW feedback even if it is 30 positives as the system is fucked up).

Offline SC

there is feedback and discussion on her on this site.  Just search under "Claire".  My advice is that those of you in Bristol or in the area should go see her.  Granted: she is not as fit and slender (and young...) as she was 3 years ago when I first met her, but she still has a beautiful face, fucks like an angel, likes to be fucked long and hard and, at least with me, owo and cim have never been an issue.  Review or comment please if you see her.  I'm curious to hear how she performs with others.

I hadnt check,  thanks.  Well from what I can see mixed reviews re service,  she might be wearing out, her face is stunning,  good attitude but body concerns exactly as mine -  she looks a bit too big round the ass and belly for my liking.  Now,  if shes lost a stone while on her holiday then we can talk but I cant pay yet again 120 for unknown service and body. Hope someone visits and lets us know but it wont be me this time as I had 2 bad ones in a row... And cant di e into in the unknown:)

Offline SC

Claire could be the most facially-attractive escort Bristol has seen in ages.  I would not miss it.  Kudos then to who manages to cum on that face (let me know if you do) (I had the pleasure 3 times)

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