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Author Topic: Sensual isabelle  (Read 1802 times)

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Offline carefree

After seeing her excellent feedback on AW i decided to treat myself to a cheeky little visit.  Comms were very good and i found myself knocking on her front door.  The house is on a main road in Chelmsford but it still somehow felt discreet.

When the door opened i stepped inside.  Isabelle was standing behind the door and greeted me with a lovely smile, and she was dressed in a tight black dress with hold ups :thumbsup:  we went upstairs and she offered me a drink and a shower, the latter of which i took.  When i walked back into the bedroom there she was looking good enough to eat.  I will say at this point that she is slightly heavier than her AW profile states, but not so that it would put you off. 

Paperwork already done she asked me what i would like.  I didnt answer her but instead pulled her to me and her tongue darted into my mouth.  As we kissed i slid my hand between her legs to find she was not wearing knickers, beautiful, my cock hard as rock at this point.  She started kissing my chest, then stomach and then flicked her tongue around the shaft of my cock.  I checked myself in the mirror and it looked very 'porno' :wacko:

She then lay on her back as my tongue delved inside her pussy, she was writhing and moaning and grinding herself on my face, delicious :music:

We then fucked in various positions and i get the impression that the harder she is fucked the more she enjoys, i was banging her all over the bedroom, mish, doggy and cowgirl.

She then started sucking my cock whilst i was on my back but i needed to see the money shot in the mirror so i stood next to the mirror as she proceeded to suck, and shit does she suck hard :thumbsup:

When i felt myself about to shoot i proceeded to wank myself as she flicked her tongue on the underside of my helmet, shortly after i sprayed wads of cum over her face AND she just kept using her tongue on me.  The sight of my cum over her face is a memory i will keep forever, perfect.

Would i see her again?  Hell yeah :hi:

Thanks Isabelle, see you soon sweetie.
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5 review(s) found for Sensual Isabelle linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline carefree

Crap, cheers for that skittish, im still finding my way on here
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Thanks for the review - you said slightly bigger than a size 10 - is she more like a size 12- 14 as usually i have a size 10 as max size for the girls i visit

Offline carefree

I would say a 12 although bit difficult to say for sure as i didnt even get to take her dress off, something she laughed about afterwards.  I didnt mind, it kind of added to the experience tbh.
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Offline Matty24579

I saw Isabelle on the 4th of March.As i had finished work that day i was looking forward to my week and a half off as it was my 40th that following saturday i decided to treat myself anyway i booked her through AW and agreed the date which was ok.I went round to her house as it is only a 20 minute walk for me and got greeted by Isabellei was very happy to meet her so we had a chat and went upstairs  and sorted out money and then got down to it she started playing with my cock and started kissing and then started to suck my helmet it was very sensual hence her name and then had intercourse followed by a lovely massage.Isabelle is a very lovely and friendly lady who likes to have a laugh so i will defintly see her again very soon.  :)

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