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Author Topic: Daisy - House of Divine South Ken - too inexperienced  (Read 4321 times)

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Offline Festisio

Fluffy load of bollocks

I hope "Daisy" didn't promise you a discount in return for you writing that review because people are not going to pay any heed to some white knight who comes to his pro$$y's rescue when she asks him to defend her honour.

Yeh... your "review" or the OPs... don't have to spend long working out which one carries more weight.

Offline Daffodil

Francis is a very good regular of mine so I asked if he could leave a good review to show people I am not as bad as I am coming across, I love my job and do not wish it to be affected, the moaning was not fake can a WG not just enjoy herself? Divine has nothing to do with this, I saw this and was quite upset by this so felt I needed to back myself up, if the client who saw me and pixie asks me a personal question that only I would know from the session, I will be more than happy to provide him with the answer, it is not fair that divine are getting so much Agro, they are brilliant employers and I love working for them. They don't deserve this in the slightest

This all sounds like bollocks to me. How do we even know you're even Daisy? Probably one of the Divines, who I believe have also been active on another thread this evening.

So 'Francis' joins, makes a post, logs off, ten minutes later and you join and start posting. Not seen you both in the same room together as yet  :rolleyes:

And regardless, if you've asked him to come here to specifically write a review in your favour then that defeats the purpose  :dash: :dash:

The initial review was, in my mind, a fair one. He said Daisy is inexperienced, but will likely improve. What's wrong with that?

Online NightKid

it is not fair that divine are getting so much Agro, they are brilliant employers and I love working for them. They don't deserve this in the slightest

I'm sorry, but by the accounts of credible punters here; a first-hand viewing of their online antics; and even an infamous ex-employee of theirs ... the Divines are never to be trusted and certainly deserve many things that have been said about them. Also, to put it politely, I don't think it's fair for you to comment on them from OUR perspective while we're on the subject of being fair.

Edit: Regardless, that can of worms does not concern you. So, just take the good you've been given, turn it into great, and don't fight the unwinnable war that does not belong to you ... you'll further sully your image and you already have enough of your own battles, as it stands.  :hi:
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If she would give owo then i'd go see her and write a review  :cool:

Hi this is daisy
I have heard about this bad review through the grape vine, firstly I wanted to apologise for this bad session, in my eyes you were enjoying it and never told me any different, we are only human. So if in future you can please tell us girls you are not enjoying it, then we will do anything to keep you happy. We are all chosen to work in hod, we can not just start working there, we do have to prove ourselves first. You did ask me how many clients I had seen to which I told you maybe I shouldn't have said, but in fairness if you didn't want to know you shouldn't have asked. Please remember us girls are human, we try our very best and I apologise.

How does that work then? Hope you don't mind me asking, just curious  :)

HOD is awful... Glad you guys are finally seeing this. Ive stuck to soho and adultwork ever since i got insulted by mandy and dont plan to return unless i see a stunner there with great reviews...

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