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Author Topic: Most Bizarre AdultWork Profile I Have Read (So Far...)  (Read 804 times)

Offline jambogaz

 https://www.adultwork.com/2165979 or https://www.adultwork.com/swwet%2Egirl

Tell you what, for £90 per hour, if she is as good as she claims, we may well have a superstar on our hands... :diablo:

More than likely a steaming pile of poo however...already got question marks as to it's authenticity!   :angry:

Any Fifers up for taking one for the team?  I am not putting myself forward this time.   :D


A profile full of cliches.
Called Lena but then called Ysa
From Brazil but first language Hungarian?

I smell BS  haha

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Offline ceedee

Any Fifers will have a long way to travel 'cos it says she's in Oxford!   Oxford is a dustbin full of scams and fakes so it's probably appropriate.

Whoever wrote it doesn't seem to like paragraphs much

Offline skittish

I'm not sure the two photos are of the same girl, if they are they were taken years apart the second photo looks much heavier than the first to me.

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