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Was in the mood for a petite teen look she seemed to match the requirements

The block of flats she's situated in are the same as curly haired beauty (man I miss her, the teen look and energy she used to give I have yet to find again!)

As per pictures, slight gut which for me was off putting, I was in the mood for a tight petite teen look not a chubby midget. Facially okay looking, nothing to really get me excited, very girl next door look. In regards to personality she was warming enough however at times very quiet and detached.

Everything I partook on was very mechanical and personally after I'd finished and left I was underwhelmed with the whole experience, I'd rather have saved my money and waited to find a better SP who fit my requirements for that urge. Did standard positions including Mish, CG, RCG, doggy, spoon and OWO.

Maybe this was a case of YMMV but from what I've read I doubt it, personally if you're in the mood for a chubby midget I guess go for it but I'd advise you to save your money.

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Yep mechanical and overpriced.  Thanks for the review.
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