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Author Topic: Sexy_Monique19 coventry  (Read 1211 times)

Offline crab

Hello fellow punters, I know it's not so nice to request for info as first post. What I've got has been actually already covered on this forum. I was wondering if anyone met sexy_monique19 from aw which has the ratings hidden:


Offline finn5555

Choose a pro$$ie who doesn't hide her feedback is the only advise I can give  :hi:

Offline CoolTiger

Choose a pro$$ie who doesn't hide her feedback is the only advise I can give  :hi:
+1. No matter how ggod and genuine her photos may be, hidden FB suggest that she has something to hide.

Also, profile has been up since Feb-2013, so to get only 2 positive FBs in all that time suggest that she hardly "works",
so more likely to be a PG Scam.

I called her, to be fair to her, she did answer, and confirmed the services that I would normally look for. She also said that
she finishes at 10pm, which also suggests that she is genuine, as the scammers usually don't answer the phone, and then claim
that they can work until 3am!!

Post Code Given was CV3 5BJ (Yes, BJ). The Chesils.

Offline crab

Why thanks for that. I did texted her as well, same address. I think I will be curious/horny enough and will check her out eventually. At worst I will walk away.

She was willing to go BB until a day back. if you don't mind having fun with a girl offering BB, go ahead and tell us how your punt was. Also a piece of advise, the area she's situated in isn't the best. Rarely will you find women working there.

Offline starman

I saw her in 2013.  Her pictures are genuine. She is very pretty with dazzling eyes, but she doesn't offer everything on her likes list.  ie.  there was no kissing, no anal available, and she rushed me out after 20mins of a 1/2hr booking.  She is Romanian, with poor English, and I won't be going back.
Your choice though!

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