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Disappointing plan D punt; honest but uninspiring, unskilled and overpriced.

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Accepted the punt by phonecall an hour before and invited me in early when I told her I was already in the area.

Popular flat on the Euston Road

I should have walked.  This was plan D after a combination of no shows, bungled appointments and previously engaged, and my discipline slipped.  Of the four S’s….
Smells good?
….tellingly she did not smile.   

She was pasty, spotty and unkempt – facially I would rate her a 6 and body a 7.  She is petite, a untoned dressed 6 with an attractive bottom. (NOTE she definitely is NOT a dress size 4 - I took something in size 4 and it was far too small for her).  If she had been less transactional I would have enjoyed it.  She wore my dress request as supplied.  In the throws it was obvious she was not freshly showered.  I would guess she is mid 20’s.  She does not appear to speak much English.

Advertised services denied, French kissing, anal play and CIM.  On the last one, although I told her I would pay extra if I wanted extra services she forgot in the act and pulled away.   She makes a lot of a broad service list on her profile but it does not stand up to scrutiny in the room – I would suggest you qualify services carefully in the room.  Mechanical Transactional service.  Her condoms were too small.  First time I told her to a blank look and the second time it killed it. I challenged gently at the end of the session that I felt it was poor value and she returned £40 of the £120 for the hour.  :thumbsup:

So there is minor dishonesty here but the major problem is that she is clearly over-priced for the combination of looks, likes and service.  As I have long suspected about Warren Street you are paying for the location.  I have absolutely no intention of returning and would not recommend her but you are not being ripped off.
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