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Three men and two women have appeared in court charged with human trafficking following raids in Sheffield. Nicolae Ionita, aged 24; Razvan Tanasa, 30 and Claudia Ionita, 29, all of Leppings Lane, Hillsborough, Sheffield; Sorina Cretu, 22, of Attercliffe Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield and Shane Booth, 27, of Henderson Place, Canklow, Rotherham, appeared before Sheffield magistrates yesterday. They have been bailed to appear at Sheffield Crown Court on Wednesday, December 20. They were arrested following a series of raids at properties, including Pandora’s Massage Parlour on Attercliffe Road, Attercliffe, on Thursday, November 30.

A closure notice has been served the massage parlour under the Sexual Offences Act. It has to remain closed until a court hearing on Friday, December 8, when police officers will apply for the property to be closed for three months.

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What would happen to any punter caught in the act so to speak during a raid?

The parlour would be closed down the owners prosecuted under the sexual offences act and any other appropriate legislation (Drugs, Exploitation, Immigration, Money Laundering).
In Sheffield Police take an enlightened view towards massage parlours. If they wanted to they could walk into any parlour and shut it down as a brothel on the spot.
More than ONE girl working at the same time condoms lube and wet wipes in their bag or the rooms. Used condoms in nappy sacks in the bins. That's evidence sex is being performed on the premises and money paid for 'services'
You only have to look back at the 2 documentaries "A Very British Brothel" on Chanel 4 about City Sauna. That led to
A Chief Inspector issuing a warning to Brothel Keepers in the Star Newspaper in January 2017.
A multi agency visit to City Sauna a few weeks later but as far as I know no further action has been taken.
In the case of Pandoras they found other illegal activity in addition to running a brothel and shut it down.
What used to be The Omega on Attercliffe Rd was raided years ago the police found about £300,000 in floor safes at the owners house. They charged him with living off immoral earnings. The Crown Court Judge dismissed that charge saying "South Yorkshire Police have known for years the Omega was a brothel and done nothing about it until now".
He was convicted of the lesser charge of controlling prostitutes and they confiscated the 300K and the building under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
After being arrested the owner leased the building to a woman who opened the Box Office which ran as a brothel / massage parlour even though the building was owned by South Yorkshire Police Asset Siezure Unit.
The Box Office was raided in 2011 they found drugs and either underage or illegal immigrants working so they closed it down and finally disposed of the building.

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What would happen to any punter caught in the act so to speak during a raid?

The issue here is that there's trafficking offences and AFAIK punters are liable for criminal charges if they have sex with a trafficked girl whether that's knowingly or unknowingly.

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.....punters are liable for criminal charges if they have sex with a trafficked girl whether that's knowingly or unknowingly.

Correct.  :hi: :hi:

Any punter "caught" in this type of situation is in deep shit.  :scare: :scare:


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Crap that sounds heavy adda.. looks promising on the website rang a few times to make an appointment but was away on holiday very glad this was the case otherwise that would have been a problem potentially

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What a fucking shocker. I only had one punt there with Nicole (Stone) who also had an AW account and she was a hottie, but she was a smiley happy person, I'm ashamed after reading this I had no idea, I saw her in 2011 and didn't go back while it was undoubtedly a positive punt I thought the parlour was a bit "institutionalised".