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Author Topic: Is Angelina Diamond actually Euro pornstar Angelica Heart?  (Read 1435 times)

Offline BeesKnees

https://www.adultwork.com/2130094 or https://www.adultwork.com/ANGELINA+DIAMOND

Angelica Diamond ended up on my hotlist because she took over Tyra Gold.

I did a Google reverse search on the pics and nothing came up. But the face was someone I recognised and I think it's Angelica Heart.

Here's the closest pic I can find of Angelica Heart, with the most similar facial expression


I probably won't go see her, but just wanted to know if the pics are of Angelica Heart.
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Offline andrei

i sincerely doubt a world famous porn star would come and take over a pg scammers aw page
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Offline LL

Could be using her pics yes.  I couldn't find a match using tinEye, GRIS (as you may have tried).  However, if you look at Angelica Heart's website, the "two" girls do look very similar (as in the photo you attached)


Offline BeesKnees

It's uncanny right?

How the hell did the person running the profile get those types of shots? It's like they've taken them whilst on a punt or something.

When I saw Cinthia Doll, there was an option on the website, £50 for pictures and £100 for filming. That'll be pretty fucked up if e scammer has paid for "private" pics and is now using them to scam punters. Reverse image search wouldn't turn up a result as the photos are private so then some people would be none the wiser.

These scammers are getting good

They look similar but its not Angelica Heart which u could clearly tell from the bump on the nose :hi:
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