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Author Topic: Psycho or just slightly mad?  (Read 2548 times)

Offline Steve2

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Offline hollysbeenabadgirl

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Brilliant find, what a personality.

Offline ianvilla

I regularly view this profile for a giggle. She's either, absolutely barking or brilliant, or as I suspect on that very thin line between the two. The girl certainly has entertainment value though?  :lol:  :dash:  :scare:
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Offline ianvilla

She changes her name fairly often and there's more about her on this thread.


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Offline aardvark

The most erotic massage I have ever experienced.  Great fun lady!!  :yahoo:

Offline hornofplenty

I'd rather see a genuine escort. She would be better served using an adult-dating site.

Surely the main qualification you need to see an escort is to have money in your pocket but in order to see this lady you must be 'educated and intelligent' and in the first place submit 'a personal, well-formed email'. Personally I can't be bothered with this application process.

Offline dj3k

Worth the CV effort as her current rate is £10 an hour!!

Offline LL

Her smiling in the pics looks a bit forced and over-the-top.  Reminds me of the batman movie from the 80s.

Offline Festisio

Box of frogs.

Decent body for a prossie of advancing years but her likes list is fucking shit and I'd rather have a swift one off the wrist than pay to visit her.

Offline joshwinkers

I don't think she's mad at all, she just has a great sense of humour about herself, at least judging from the profile and video. And her blog's superb, much better than The Onion and similar satire sites.

If she was in London I'd be contacting her right now, but Cardiff's just a bit too far for me to travel too, sadly.

Offline Jerboa

As nutty as a bar of fruit & nut!  :wacko:

Offline dayton123

I may be mistaken, but this seems to be a return of 'Hilary Faversham' an escort based in Surrey, until 6 / 8 years ago.

Found her old website using the Internet Wayback Machine :


Offline dilettante

Don't know about a "one-trick pony" but she certainly seems to be a "one-grin Cheshire cat" if you look at her Gallery.

Tony Montana

I saw her for a 90 minute erotic massage a few months ago.  She is a very interesting and entertaining woman and I had a great time.

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