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Author Topic: What year did you start punting?  (Read 1117 times)

Offline itk

Early 90's for me. It was RLD in Norwich then. It was a case of driving round the circuit a couple of times, picking the best 6 or so from the 25+ girls that would be standing there. It was then a case of deciding which one to go with, the choice back then was unbelievable. Now it's the complete opposite, trying to find a good one is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Online NIK

1981 first paid sex of any kind (hand relief).

1984 first full sex.  :)

Offline GrumpyoldGit

1983 I think.

Mates in the Army found that I was still virgin and clubbed together to pay for my first shag.
It was not brilliant if I remember correctly.

6/12/04.  Not that the date's etched in my memory, you understand. ;)

Offline PuntingPete

6/12/04.  Not that the date's etched in my memory, you understand. ;)

Can you be more precise? What time was it?  :hi:

Late 90's for me  :music:

Late afternoon; about half-past four, from memory. :)

And before you ask, Sandy's, Prestwich Parlour. :)

Unfortunately, I can't remember the girl's name, though.  :(

Offline af1231

First time was in soho last year. 18th september according to my punting log.

Offline Happy99


What was the experience like in the 1970s? Were independants available?

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