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Author Topic: TINEYE and searching  (Read 542 times)

Offline manderme

Tineye is a great site if you want to match pictures.

BUT they are matching 1-2-1

Genetic modification to a picture will not register with Tineye so you will receive a nil result

Offline roadie

Whats that?

Genetic modification is when you take a beneficial gene, a bit of DNA, from one kind of plant or bacterium or even a animal cell and add it to the DNA sequence of another species of plant or bacterium. The genetically modified subject will use the gene and benefit from it, for example to grow better fruit or be resistant to disease, or to produce insulin.

I would never have guessed Tineye wouldn't pick a simple thing like that up  :D

Offline Jacob

Whats that?

Bollocks, and its alter ego was warned not to talk bollocks or else.  ;)

manderme=forme and is now banned for using multiple ID and seemingly being in need of some genetic modification themselves.  :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

On a serious point tineye will not pick up a picture one day but it will the next as its database grows and modification of a photograph to avoid detection is not as easy as some may think, try it.

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Offline Jacob

forme=manderme=topgal (new). Bye Bye. :music:

Offline Jacob

forme=manderme=topgal=daverave (new). Fuck Off.  :blush:

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