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Author Topic: Helen & Emma London Retreat  (Read 2504 times)

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Offline NIK

Although I enjoy dom as I also like sex and prefer younger women most pro domes who are older and don't allow sex aren't for me. As I say in my book I couldn't submit to a woman I don't find attractive. Maybe this means I'm not a true sub? But no matter. In recent years I haven't bothered with b & d much as the fantasy is usually better than the reality.

On the surface it would appear The London Retreat with its combination of dom and sexual services would be ideal for someone like me. However I have only been the once many years ago. I quite enjoyed it but the woman, although facially okay, was older than I normally go for with a fat belly.
In recent years my interest in LR has been rekindled and I have phoned them several times over the past couple of years. However two things continued to put me off. One is that the women are generally older than I prefer and two they are always very busy.

However this time when I saw that two ladies were available I thought I’d go for it - I have always craved two girl sessions and two girl dom is the icing on the cake. I have had a few such sessions but not as many as I would like. I was taking a chance as both ladies were relatively new and Helen has no reports and her face covered. While Emma shows her face and has some positive feedback on their site but no Prossynet reports

I tried to get the first appointment on Sunday but it was gone so I booked the second one at £150 for 30 min. I would have preferred longer but not only would it have been more expensive because of how busy they are it would have been logistically difficult. One good thing about LR is that unlike most places they don’t charge double for two girls but half again.

Both ladies were younger than I expected at LT and I thought both were attractive – Helen in particular did actually look better than her photos, which I never thought I’d say. So I was pleasantly surprised. Both took their time to ask exactly what it was I wanted before leaving the room and returning in role. I’d asked for watersports amongst other things and both obliged to provide me with my best w/s experience for years.
Both were excellent at playing the dom - I expect if they’re no good they don’t last long at LR.

There were a couple of negatives, not the fault of the girls. Firstly a 30 minutes two girl session goes quickly and I didn’t receive all I’d requested, simply because of the time factor. If I were to return (and I’d love to) I’d push the boat out and book an hour, or at least 45 min which is what I’d initially tried for. That would have been £225.
The other slight irritation was that they were very busy. Not only was the 12 o clock client still there, but the 1 o clock client had already arrived before me! Still I got my full time, and a shower and drink afterwards!

Offline Tailpipe

Pleased you had a good time, as that's what its all about, paying your money for the services that you fancy at the time  :cool:

Offline Jimmyredcab

Link for London Retreat -----


One problem, they only take same day bookings.  :thumbsdown:

The phone is answered from 11am.

First booking is 12-00

Fees ---- £200 an hour, £100 for 30 minutes
For two girl add 50%

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