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Author Topic: Erika Ellegant (Luton)  (Read 1595 times)

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Offline 8a8ylon

I tried to leave a field report on AW and for some reason I couldn't do one on my visit to the above lady till she confirms the booking was completed nor a basic feedback.  But I wanted to leave a report on my visit in case someone wanted to see her.

Above lady link:
https://www.adultwork.com/2152036 or https://www.adultwork.com/Erika+Ellegant

To start let me say that even thou the above lady is still in questioned on AW let me just say she is the person in the PIC's and what happened during the visit I think was mostly down to me, in that I just wasn't feeling any sort of feeling for her (so this is solely my opinion only)  :timeout

This was a random visit where I wanted to go for a punt and was on AW looking at local SP (which I wont do in the future :dash:).  Well out of the lot I decided to go with Erika and she was the nicest looking one of the lot and if you search my area a lot of the SP do BB which is a no, no for me.  So anyway I called to find where she was and confirmed she was in the town area, voice sounded OK but foreign (Rom/Hun I think) . 

Please note at this point my feeling were I wanted to do A-level, which is on her likes list and texted to see if that was charged extra as it wasn't on her services tab , got txt back to say "No charge extra, when you what come?" so I called back and said I could come now for 1 hr and to txt me the address, which she did and it was in the New Town area of Luton.  Got ready and off I went. 

Not exactly my normal area I hang out in but the road was quite and I called to get the address which she gave.  Knocked on the door and she opened it.  Entered the house, which was warm, shared with other ladies (I think I may have seen some of them in my search, anyway) said hello and she took me to the room.

Before I continue my normal place of punting the ladies dress to impress, wearing sexy lingerie etc sadly it was very very causal (sweat top and pants) got into the room and the maid was giving it a quick turn over.  As she left we talked for a bit but sadly her English is very limited and confirm if she was happy to continue which she said yes but was told A-level was on her Don't list and she hasn't done it before and said if that's OK.  I said fine as I just wanted to get laid.

Lady in question: 5 5"(I think), blonde hair, shoulder length, blue eyes, great tites, very soft (see 3rd pic on profile), tattoo on leg and arm (I think) miner issue.  Anyway after getting over the talking/fee and her phone going off afew times, we began.  Clothes came off and we kisses and I wanted to be in her so on with the Condom, entered and came.  This sadly when things often go wrong for me.

Being a one shot pony I came and my basic physical needs were met.  Tried kissing her to see if I could connect like I normally do with my FAV SP and nothing.  She was nice about it and said if I wanted to massage her, which I did but sadly nothing, I was gone and wanted to go home - 10mins in.

Asked her if I could have a 30 session instead and get some money back which I did but not the amount I would have expected.  She said £20 and I was hoping £30 but she said NO but I just didn’t care enough, I was glad I got something back.  Being one who enjoys boobs (and these were soft and nice, some stretch marks but OK) I think down to her low English, she got the understanding I wanted to leave (which I did) but I also had 20mins to play with and I wanted to play with her boobs  till the session ended but she started to get dress instead.  I confirmed I be getting my 20 back and she said yes.  Got my 20 and left.

Overall I would say this was a bad punt from what I got out of it sadly not her faulty but mostly mine in that I just couldn’t care enough for her to connect.  I have put it as positive simply for the fact I got my 20 back and she had nice boobs.  Sadly her AW is in questions which is another reason for the report so hopefully others can know she is who she says she is etc.  For me thou Im going to put it down to trial/error on the £60 :dash: and stay with my current SP who I do connect well for now on.

Would I go back - NO, recommend to other - Please be cautions, but I would say YES but not for longer than 30 mins thou.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline itk

Had similar punts with EE, it's English all the way for me from now on.

Offline potato

The profile has gone now. I don't see how you could mark this as a positive experience in any case?   You asked whether she did "a levels" and she confirmed this and when you got there she said she didn't do it !   Errr, that a big NEGATIVE Then!

Offline 8a8ylon

Changed her profile name so just search for Erika Elegant or look thou the list for this variation.

https://www.adultwork.com/2157843 or https://www.adultwork.com/Erika%26Elegant

true it was a bad punt in my view, leading me in under false advertising and as stated I gave the positive because I got my 20 back and nice tites.  Not to bring back too many bad memories, many a guys here may have found they don't really give anything back once money is handed over :dash:

So I will leave it up to you how you may view it. 

Offline 8a8ylon

I could have added as a positive the sexy lingerie she's wearing in the pics but sadly these may have been prop's  :unknown:

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