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Author Topic: Jakarta Mongering  (Read 16919 times)

Offline Jimmyredcab

No she's not, that's a well known former showgirl from Patts, I've barfined her myself, silicone doesn't make them a ladyboy.

OK, she is attractive --------------------- but for every pretty girl in Pattaya there are 1000 rough old dogs ----------- the proof in on You-Tube.    :hi:

This is a geezer, if only the women looked as good.    :rolleyes:

Now I understand why you keep going back to Thailand :D  The mystery always was - who is doing the ladyboys :yahoo:

I have to admit last time in Bangkok, end of June 2013, almost 3 years away, was sat with an expat down soi cowboy and pointed out a girl and said  now she is a good looker, the best I had seen all night
He pointed out it was a ladyboy bar and in fact a ladyboy!  Its getting hard to tell the difference, but its also coinciding with big fat thai women now getting jobs as gogo dancers, so no wonder we are looking at them.  Its sad when you are finding men more attractive than women, and cant tell the difference

He admitted most expats have been with a ladyboy at least once,

So come on Jimmy spill the beans....

Offline Sailormack

One too many Singahs and a very easy mistake to make  :cool:

Offline AG875

Hi All,

Just trying to contribute (first time poster here)

I found Jakarta to be pretty cool. There were 3 channels I used:

1) Date in Asia (pipelining)
2) Hotel Massage
3) Tease Club

The women are quite receptive and I'm from the sub continent. The hottest girls we are Tease Club. Strip show totally nude, all extras available. 8-9/10
I was so desperate that I called for a massage in my room and within 5 mins a girl came up nothing great 5-6/10. No sex just massage and extras.

If you have the patience try for Date in Asia, although you'll have to filter and get good quality. I met three girls banged one the other two looking for something serious.

Overall a nice city laid back feel and not much hustling by the locals.

Feel free to ask any questions about Tease Club.

Offline Marmalade

When I was in Jakarta I found the market the best cheapie. She just takes you to her tent. Only take as much money as you need.

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