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Author Topic: Elina Mature norweigen escort  (Read 3902 times)

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I was looking for a sensual massage and I found this advert for 'Elina' online. She seemed to good to be true. But you know what they say about that!

Anyways I rang the number provided and asked for a full body to body massage which I was quoted £100 for ( full service £150). Elina then talked me into a full service for £120. I agreed and set off to meet her at her 'Luxury' apartment in Royal Oak.




I got to the door and was really nervous and excited. Tbh I had never done anything like this before.

The door opened and I saw a woman who was hiding half of her face behind the door. I noticed straight away this wasn't the woman in the pictures. (This is the part where I seem like a total idiot) I walked in anyway. I had had a long trip and just said fuck it even though It was an obvious bait and switch.
The woman not only didn't looked like The lady in the picture she looked more like Joan Rivers with even worse plastic surgery. I dont know why I didn't just leave then and there so I guess everything after the fact is my own fault for not just walking out.
I took my clothes off and she proceeded to give me a very weak back massage for 2/3 minutes then she turned me over and started jerking me off. Then she blew me and that was it... It was rubbish and the whole thing lasted about 15 minutes.
Afterwards (I know I should have brought this up before hand) I told her she wasn't the girl in the pics to which she mumbled something about having bought the website off of somebody else and wasn't aware of the content on it but she definitely knew what she was doing.
The buzzer rang and there was another punter on his way up. She hurried me out the door and that was that.
Pretty crap first time! I never knew what the term 'bait and switch' meant before that!. Oh well live and learn

I cant stress enough this is a total scam. Avoid avoid avoid.


You paid £120 for a week massage and hand job and left after 15 mins? are you serious!!!!

Offline Thehun10

You had the ball at your feet, you were through on goal you heard the whistle that you were offside.
Instead of stopping you had a shot.
That's a yellow card.

My first time was very similar. This is before hearing about Adult Work. So I went looking for a massage and HJ in my area. I found this place quite easily and phoned them up. Ended up in a room with a grossly overweight Spanish girl that stank of smoke. I asked her about all the different massages they offer.  She informed me that its £40 for a quickie, blow job and sex, come once. £60 for half an hour and £90 for an hour. I figured I'm in there, I might aswell let her blow me.  BJ with condom and her ugly mug, emptied my sack and figured I'd get some info from her.  I had no idea that these prices were pretty much the going rate. You could have sex with all kinds of hotness for this money.  She also told me that there are Chinese girls that worked there, and they'd pretty much do anything.

Trouble is if you're actually looking for a massage and hand job, this isn't the place.  I've found one now and its a Chinese shop across the road. Trouble is the house is right next to shops I buy stuff at. Its also across the road from the local Wetherspoons. Now I seriously doubt that many people know what's going on there. But this place is way too close to my home.


Offline punk

You paid £120 for a week massage and hand job and left after 15 mins? are you serious!!!!

 :dash: :scare: warning signs were there. we all learn :hi:

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