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Author Topic: Hot Vanessa in Luton  (Read 3764 times)

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Is Luton the new MK?

I had an hour with AW's Hot Vanessa yesterday for £90.  She's a 25 year old Czech that works in Luton and perviously in Watford.  Commutes from her homeland regularly.

The flat was a bit out of the town centre near a park.  It was clean and discrete.  Good parking. Her bedroom was a bit sparse - just a stripped bed.  No mirror.  Nice and warm, though.

Vanessa is small and trim, nice 32B boobs, sweet little bum, just a tiny bit loose in the tummy (has a baby at home).  Shaven and very clean and sweet smelling.  Cute as a button and friendly but only fair English.

She does FK but not deep or long.  Likes RO and came hard with a couple of fingers and tongue at work.  Got good and wet and no lube needed to enjoy her tight pussy for sex.  She was willing to do all the positions.  Came again in cowgirl (and yes, I am certain they were real cums)

She took CIM eagerly for the first pop but didn't swallow (profile says "discretion" but I think it is always no).  Profile offers A levels at discretion but she said I was too big (I'm maybe just a little bigger than average) so perhaps A levels are always no, too, unless you are a fingerling.

I got my full time with good natured chat in the interval and after my second go.  Only negative to report, really, was she kept leaving the room for short absenses during the punt.  First to see off a departing friend, then to clean up her pussy after juicy RO, then to wash out her mouth after CIM and then to wash her hand after my second pop.

She offered a shower before and after but I declined (I shower before I leave base).

Great VFM for a good looking girl with well above average GFE punt.  I'll probably return.  I want to check out Steve2's recent discovery first and another girl called Serena Woods.


I think in an hour booking, if the escort leave's the room four times, you have to be asking questions.

It can be very disruptive if it happens every quarter of an hour, and for some pretty lame excuses really.

Offline Marmalade

I agree with Albert's comments, but the FR does give all the essential info - cost, age, time, place, general details, vfm - as well as good and bad points. Whilst I have no need of a one hour punt in Luton even at £90, the FR is more helpful than ones that don't give the necessary information to make an individual decision. And weighing them up the OP comes to the (personal) decision that it was a good punt which I think is fair enough.


I would absolutely mention her bads to Hot Vanessa when I rebook... but I am not hurrying back because of the concerns I related and other fair Luton blossoms ready to pollinate  :D  Whilst I understand (and appreciate) interruptions for hygiene, they do disturb the flow.

While not completely adverse to cummy kisses, her profile did say she swallowed.  Even if she used a handy andy instead of chugging it down, popping off to the loo shouldn't be necessary.  Is this an EE thing?

She put a fair amount of energy into the session and was a charming, attitude-free prossie and on that basis I would visit again but give her notice that I wanted an uninterrupted hour.  Vanessa:  have a pee before you start, have a cum disposal strategy in place in the room and if a friend wants to go shopping while I am with you, so what?

She was nowhere near as annoying as girls that take bookings while I am in the room.  Blood boiling, that is  :scare:

Offline Jimmyredcab

I think in an hour booking, if the escort leave's the room four times, you have to be asking questions.
No excuse at all for that kind of behaviour ------- just as the mobile phone should always be on silent.

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