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Author Topic: Brandi  (Read 921 times)

Hi guys
I seem to remember some talk about her recently. Saw her on auto-censored and she looks fantastic.  Has anyone had the pleasure?

Offline Jeremy

A link would be helpful - even if one of us has seen her some WGs change their name a lot, so we wouldn't necessarily know by name alone.

Offline Jeremy

Oh I remember her, as you can see in the second thread it was pointed out her photos aren't genuine, so there's a strong chance that it's a bait-and-switch. Still if you want to chance it we'd be happy to hear how you get on... :rolleyes:

Tony Montana

There's also a website here - http://brandibristol.escortbook.com/

And her paid-for advert on auto-censored says "If you do not think i look EXACTLY like my pictures..you get it for FREE."

Offline TerryTibbs


This is a fake profile, etc.

All the images are from Euro porno site.

Just do a reverse image search.

If it looks to good, it usually is!


I went to see this girl and it is not the same girl, however the girl I saw was Ok not bad to look at but wasn't really into it. so over all its a thumbs down for me! :thumbsdown:

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